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If you would like to dive into more detail on the Environmental Management or monitoring results we have collated all the reports in a PDF below. Click on the links to download and if you have any questions, please drop us a line on

Channel Deepening

Project Documents

Resource Consent
The resource consent conditions for the dredging as granted by the Environment Court. These are effectively the rules that LPC must follow for the project.

Dredge Management Plan (DMP)
The purpose of the DMP is set out how the dredge will operate and what measures will be put in place on the dredge to minimise environmental effects.

Marine Mammal Management Plan (MMMP)
The purpose of the MMMP is to set out management measures to minimise risks of the dredge colliding with marine mammals and to manage potential underwater noise effects.

Biosecurity Management Plan (BMP)
The purpose of the BMP is to set out the measures undertaken to minimise the risk of the dredging introducing invasive species. The BMP includes measures for cleaning the dredge prior to transit to New Zealand.

Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP)The EMMP is the key environmental management document. It sets out how LPC will monitor the environment before, during and after the dredging. It also details how we measures water clarity (turbidity) and what we will do if turbidity increases during the dredging.

The peer review group review of the EMMP can be found here


Monitoring Documents

Turbidity trigger report
This report details the statistical methods used to develop the turbidity triggers values from baseline data and predicted dredging plumes.

Baseline monitoring report
All of our baseline monitoring is collated in this report. This includes marine ecology, water quality, coastal geomorphology and marine mammal monitoring.

The Baseline Report has been reviewed by the Peer Review Group and an updated version of the report is available below:

CDP Baseline Monitoring Report

CDP Baseline Monitoring Report Appendix A - Water Quality Reports

CDP Baseline Monitoring Report Appendix B - Ecological Monitoring

CDP Baseline Monitoring Report Appendix C - Physical Shoreline Monitoring

CDP Baseline Monitoring Report Appendix D - Marine Mammal Monitoring


 Monthly Water qaulity reports

The monthly water quality reports can be accessed via the links below. Dredging started on the 29th of August, the main dredger finished on the 17th of November with minor sweeping works continuing till the 29th of November.

August water quality monitoring report

September water quality monitoring report

October water quality monitoring report

November water quality monitoring report

December water quality monitoring report