What is Harbourwatch?

Looking out for our harbour

Whakaraupō/Lyttelton Harbour is a treasured place, home to people and communities, natural habitats and taonga species. LPC is committed to protecting our harbour during the Port’s recovery. Environmental monitoring is an essential part of this. LPC created, and will maintain, Harbourwatch as a place to bring all our monitoring into one place so that harbour residents can easily access the information we gather.

Blog updates

Dredge testing at Te Awaparahi Bay Reclamation

Testing of sediment being dredged at the Te Awaparahi Bay reclamation site has been carried out t...

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Eavesdropping on dolphins builds scientific knowledge

Underwater, ears are more useful than eyes. That’s because sound travels through water much...

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Major Projects


The South Island's growing economy means Lyttelton Port will need more land to handle increasing volumes of export and import trade. The key to greater freight capacity is a new container terminal at Te Awaparahi Bay.

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Channel Deepening

Dredging commenced on the 29th of August to increase the depth, length and width of the shipping channel to provide access for larger vessels.

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Cruise Berth

A new cruise berth is being built to allow the return of major cruise ships to our harbour.

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Piling update / Tue 21 May

Today the contractor will move the main wharf piling crane onto the new staging. Land based piling for the mooring bollards will continue, with piling throughout the day.


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